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Every day you have a choice about how you want to move, how you nourish yourself and how you want to feel. It’s up to you. Choose to feel awesome, eat nourishing foods, wear a smaller size, run a faster 10k, have fulfilling relationships with specific people in your life. Choose to get happy. And now you can… choose to live The Shorter Approach!

Wellness Retreats and Online Programs
As the creator The Shorter Approach, Michele Shorter is all about self love and showing up to your life. Feeling great is healthy. Being healthy feels great. She will teach you to keep it simple and count all the little victories as they add up to your great life.

Michele will guide you to optimal health with a daily agenda as you have fun, get flexible, get strong, get your heart rate up, set goals and create a focused plan to guide your choices.

Whether you choose to join us in Costa Rica, Tofino, BC or online, all you have to do is…. “Just show up!”

Smile at everyone.
Prepare your own food.
Make yourself a priority.
Take an hour a day to sweat.
Rest and read.
Keep it simple.
xo, -M

Michele Shorter knows first hand about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. A wellness advocator who encourages people to be enthusiastic about their health and longevity, Michele is an award winning business person, mother, wife and community builder with first-hand experience in the every day life juggle that many face in making time for fitness, nutrition, sleep and personal time.