Nourish your beautiful body on retreat with

The Shorter Approach this Fall.

It’s your choice…

Costa Rica, in October

Tofino, in November

Online Programs

Unable to join us on a retreat?

Join The Shorter Approach online group program to get the motivation and guidance you need to crush your goals. Our online program includes nutritional guidelines and videos from Michele to keep you on track, as well as accountability to the group.

Online programs are set up through a private Facebook group to connect with other participants.

Email Michele Shorter to join the next session.

Next Challenge: September 2018

Nutrition, fitness and self care accountability group with wellness expert, Michele Shorter, creator of The Shorter Approach (TSA).

In this new challenge we amp it up.. LOTS.  Whether you have 5 or 105 pounds to lose, this program will guide you.

Michele will be posting food prep, shopping lists and EXACTLY what to eat to lean up and lose fat.  You will also get workout plans for the week and daily posts that include recipes, workout instruction and challenges along with useful tips to help you LOSE WEIGHT & lean up.

Everyone has a different make up, so modifications for macronutrients and exercises will be offered and my favourite thing is to keep things SIMPLE.

Private Facebook Group will be how we connect. Follow this program and you will see the results you want on the scale but also have amazing energy. Love yourself inside and out. This is The Shorter Approach.


Smile at everyone.
Prepare your own food.
Make yourself a priority.
Take an hour a day to sweat.
Rest and read.
Keep it simple.
xo, -M

Michele Shorter knows first hand about the benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. A wellness advocator who encourages people to be enthusiastic about their health and longevity, Michele is an award winning business person, mother, wife and community builder with first-hand experience in the every day life juggle that many face in making time for fitness, nutrition, sleep and personal time.